Erasinos River

COUNTY: Argolis MUNICIPALITY: Argos-Mycenae







Visit Erasinos river from its source located in a lush green landscape to its estuaries and the lovely fish-pier with the bobbing fishing boats.

The springs of this ancient river are in the Kefalari position in Argolis 5km west of Argos located in a lush green landscape near to the old road Argos-Tripolis. On the foot of the hill Profitis Elias, the waters of Erasinos river form a lake surrounded by perennial plane trees. The estuaries of the river are in Nea Kios village and empties into the Argolic bay. There you will see the picturesque fish-pier, with the small bridges, the eucalyptus and the anchored fishing boats.

During the Antiquity, the river was named Stymphalos (from Stymphalia lake) and Arsinos or Arisinos. Later, the name Erasinos predominated, meaning dear or affluent dew. It was worshipped and honored greatly by celebrations like the bacchic feast of Tyrvi (onomatopoeia from the sound of water). The springs of Erasinos river are linked to the legend of Amymone, the daughter of Danaos, King of Argos, and Poseidon. She looked for a fountain to drink from and she became the target of a satyr. She asked Poseidon to help her and he killed the satyr with his trident. Three fountains sprung up where Poseidon threw the trident: Kefalari of Erasinos, Dini (Anavalos) and Lerna.

Many creeks and streams from the adjacent mountains feed into Erasinos river, thus supplying it with water all year round. It has served the region and it still does as a source of water for the irrigation of the Argolic plain and as a tourist attraction with lush and fertile landscapes, ideal for escapades. Today it is an important wetland and its vulnerable habitats are protected and preserved.