Erymanthos River

COUNTY: Achaea, Elis, Arcadia MUNICIPALITY:





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Visit the beautiful Erymanthos river and be surprised by a diverse landscape ideal for escapades.

Rising in the southeast slopes of Erymanthos mountain, Erymanthos river is the longest tributary of Alfeios river into which it empties after a 60-kilometer run. Flowing through the Tripotama hamlet, the river meets Aroanios and Seraios creeks to continue its course southwest between Elis and Arcadia. This waterway feeds into Alfeios river southwest of Ladona lake in the region between Aspra Spitia village and Ancient Olympia in the east. It also travels under the name of Doana or Dimitsana river and is especially raging when passing through the Erymanthos, Skiadovouni, Afrodisio and Foloi mountains.

Erymanthos river is recorded in the Orphic Hymns. The ancient city-state Psofis, thrived in its banks, and its inhabitants worshipped the river as God. From Antiquity, the river was the natural border between Arcadia and ancient Elis.

Stone bridges of the 19th century, old water mills, perennial trees and fountains with crystal waters form an idyllic riverside landscape, ideal for escapades in the villages around. Plane trees, white willows, willows, oleanders, osiers, arbutus, holm-oaks and many more form a green mosaic.

The diverse fauna comprises many amphibians, serpents and mammals (lizards, turtles, water snakes, otters, jackals, etc.), as well as fish (trouts, eels, river fishes, etc.).

If sports fishing, rafting and kayaking sound like the ingredients for a dream holiday there is no better place than the rugged landscapes of the Erymanthos River, due to the peculiarity of its banks and the frequent passages of great difficulty. It flows through shallow but perpendicular ravines of conglomerate, which become narrow and inescapable. On the contrary, the riverside landscape is so peaceful that it is ideal for trekking and riding.