Agioi Theodoroi

COUNTY: Corinthia MUNICIPALITY: Loutraki-Perachora-Agioi Theodoroi



4,000 - 5,000


Medical Centre, Pharmacy, Citizen Service Centre, Cash Machine, Gas Station

Distance from nearest city



This beautiful coastal town is near the archeological site of Krommyona and the 11th century monastery with its magnificent frescoes.

A coastal town of 4,600 inhabitants 22km east of the city of Corinth and 66km west of Athens that is located on the Saronic bay. Inhabited as early as the Antiquity, the area was called Krommyona, perhaps because of the production of onions (krommyo in Greek) or from Poseidon Krommo. Agioi Theodoroi was the nodal point for many Greek city-states, but in the end it passed to the hands of Megara. Later, it became part of the city of Corinth. During the Peloponnesian Wars, it was conquered by Athens and Sparta due to its strategic position. From 1960 till today, its economy is not based entirely on the agricultural production, as there is an industrial zone and many refineries. The sights to be enjoyed include the archaeological site of Ancient Krommyona, where a theatral area (6th century BC), a cemetery of the 8th century BC and a pottery shop and houses from the Hellenistic period were excavated. There is also the monastery of Panagias Prathi, dated from the 11th century and declared listed in 1962. The remaining frescoes are of a great artistic value. The dance association “To Prathi” hosts and organizes many events in the town. The patron saint is Theodore Stratelates celebrated on June 8.