Agia Triada of Elis

COUNTY: Elis MUNICIPALITY: Ancient Olympia



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Visit Agia Triada to see the mycenean chamber tombs, to walk in the beautiful lakes and to wander in the Foloï forest with a rich flora and fauna.

Agia Triada village is near the border of Elis-Achaea, in the historical region of Akroreia, 50km from ancient Olympia and 40km from Patras. It belongs to the municipality of Ancient Olympia and the forest Foloï is northwest of the village. The church of the village is dedicated to Agios Andreas.

Near the village is a large cemetery of chamber tombs dated from the Mycenaean period. In the tombs were found more than 500 vases (urns, jugs, alabasters etc.) decorated with triangles, flowers and demi-circles. There were also found bronze clasps, bronze and osseous pins, razors, a golden necklace, 800 various beads, a sword, bronze vases etc.

In the area you will encounter Mavri Limni and Arapolimna, two beautiful lakes that can be a real oasis during the pounding heat of summer.

The magnificent Foloï forest is one of the biggest and healthier oak forest in Peloponnese, one of the rarest ancient woods in Europe protected by the program Natura 2000. It covers 42.000ha and the seedling oak tree is prevalent. The fauna of Foloï forest comprises hares, squirrels, porcupines, wild boars, badgers, ferrets, foxes, turtles, weasels, short-toed eagles, golden eagles, peregrines, eagle owls, kingfishers, white-backed woodpeckers, woodpigeons, etc.

According to mythology, in the Foloï forest lived centaurs and nymphs. The name of the forest comes from Pholus, the king of centaurs, who was a friend of Hercules.

Pineios river rises in the forest and it forms a gorge around Antroni, a site of great historical and ecological value. This is where Hercules caught the Erymanthian Boar.

From Agia Triada village begins a path leading to Piges Kakotariou.