Agios Georgios

COUNTY: Laconia MUNICIPALITY: Monemvasia



100 - 500


Gas Station

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Visit Agios Georgios village and take a dive in Pounta beach to see a submerged city from the Bronze era.

Agios Georgios village is built at an altitude of 20m near Neapoli. Thanks to its privileged position, the village is known for its many noted crops. Passing Agios Georgios, you will find Viglafia village and the small port from where you can take the ferry to Elafonisos island.

In the site of ancient Sidi, several Mycenaean tombs were discovered along with the ancient city’s cemetery. The byzantine church of Agios Tryfonas is still extant, albeit in ruins, as well as a Byzantine edifice with a small well. After Viglafia, across the northern tip of Elafonisos island, there is the immense Pounta beach with fine sand and shells, next to Pavlopetri islet. On its beach there is the archeological site of a cemetery, while in the sea there is a submerged city from the Bronze era.

Strogyli lake is located 1,5km southeast of Agios Georgios village, opposite Elafonisos island. It is an important habitat, included in the Natura 2000 Network, accommodating a rare species of cedar tree. In fact, it is a lagoon that is stretched along the beach with the two small lakes of Maganos and Nerantziona. Besides the ecological importance of Stroggyli lake, its archaeological aspect is remarkable too, due to the discovery of prehistoric chamber tombs and of a submerged city.