COUNTY: Argolis MUNICIPALITY: Argos-Mycenae



100 - 500

Distance from nearest city



One of the highest villages of Argolida, with a few sights and beautiful churches, built on a fertile land.

The village sits on the slopes of the mountain called Trachi (Rough in Greek) or Karoumpalo (Bump), on an altitude of 799 metres. It is one of the most mountainous villages of Argolida, and its 110 residents are engaged in agriculture and animal husbandry. The area is exceptionally fertile and many types of plants are grown there, such as lentils, vegetables, beans, apples, walnuts and almonds.

Up to 1928, the village used to be called Bougiati, after the nearby ancient city. The area of the village is inhabited since ancient times. Important archaeological sites are the temples of Athens of Alea, Artemis of Ephesus and Dionysus, where every two years were hosted the celebrations called Skieria to honour Donysus; it was a celebration of fertility where, by the orders of the Oracle of Delphi, women were whipped ceremonially.

Most of the village's houses have been renovated. The stone fount with its two taps and the Primary School which is no longer in operation, were built with donations by Andreas Syngros, a Greek banker and philanthropist.

The village's most important church is the one dedicated to Agios Ioannis, built in the 13th century, made to the Cross-in-square plan. It has beautiful pictures and has been renovated many times. Another important church is the one dedicated to the Dormition of the Holy Virgin (Koimisis tis Theotokou), built in the 17th century.