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A village with deep history and folklore, Athiki is located in the Corinthian region.

Athiki village is located in the Corinthian region, 15km away from Corinth. It is close to the old Argos-Corinth freeway. It is built on a verdant area on the foothills of Skaroumpalo mountain, and in the past, there was a dense forest covering its valley.

Its contemporary residents originally came from the village of Reito, which was built and inhabited in the 17th century. Ruins of the first village can still be seen to this day, and the residents started inhabiting the new village in 1840. The ancient city of Tenea was located in the area in the Mycenaean times, and many archaeological findings have been dug up in the area of Kiafa. One of those is the statue of Kouros, made by Apollo of Tenea, which was found in 1846, and is currently on display in the Glyptothek of Munich in Germany.

The village holds a grand festival every 5th and 6th of August, at the church of Metamorfosi tou Sotiros. It is located at an altitude of 250 meters above sea level, and has approximately 2,300 residents. It has a community center with a library, an amateur theatrical club, and a museum of folklore, which is housed in a hall of the Elementary school, and has a wealth of information about the surrounding area. One can also see the Kollias Residency in the village, which has been declared as a preserved monument, as well as two very beautiful and impressive buildings of peculiar architecture, which used to be factories. The church of Evaggelistria is famous for its belfry of amazing architecture. It was built in 1923, and has been declared as a preserved museum of history. The village's residents are of Arvanitic origins, and are mainly occupied with viticulture, agriculture, and animal husbandry. There is a small industrial zone in the village with quite a few businesses in the village. Every year, it holds a 10km footrace, which many people participate in.