COUNTY: Laconia MUNICIPALITY: Monemvasia



100 - 500

Distance from nearest city



Foiniki is one of the oldest villages in the Laconian region, and it has a rich history.

Foiniki is one of the oldest villages in the Laconian region. It is located at an altitude of 167m above sea level, and has about 460 residents. The famous olive oil of Foinikio Laconias is produced there.

The settlement was founded in almost ancient times, when the sea's reach extended much further to the north, compared to the coastline nowadays. Centuries later, due to alluviums, a flatland was created. It was in that place, in 850 BC, that the Phoenician people established a trading centre for monopolizing the exploitation of purple dye murex, a species of medium-sized predatory sea snail, which could only be found in the beaches of the surrounding area. During the Byzantine years, Foiniki's residents at the time decided to move, to where the modern village of Krisia is located.

There are many ruins around the area nowadays, and the church of Kimisi tis Theotokou (Dormition of the Mother of God) is preserved to this day. During the Turkish occupation, the village was moved even higher up, to its contemporary location. To the northeast of the village, there used to be a monastery for men.