COUNTY: Messinia MUNICIPALITY: Pylos-Nestor



100 - 500


Pharmacy, Gas Station, Cash Machine

Distance from nearest city



A picturesque village with a beautiful beach and other great sights and nearby destinations.

Near the city of Pylos sits the village of Gialova, a picturesque seaside settlement built in the deepest recess of the Navarino gulf. The name Gialova comes from the Greek word “aigialos” or “gialos”, meaning beach or shore, with the Turkish ending of “-ova” which means smooth; the name signifying a smooth beach.

Gialova is an excellent choice for family vacations, featuring shallow and clean waters, with sandy beaches and a huge variety of choices for a great stay, food and entertainment. During the summer, the seaside road is closed for cars from eight o’clock in the evening, creating a perfect strolling street that is always crowded. A charming sight is also the restored 19th century building that used to house the soap and oil factory of the area, today housing restaurants and other shops.

The extended area of Gialova has a rich fauna and flora and is an important wetland of Peloponnese. The lagoon of Gialova called Divari is another wetland with rare and unique flora and fauna, as well as the Voidokoilia inlet that has sand-hills and green-blue waters, are both sites of indescribable natural beauty.

Gialova has many loyal fans because of its serene natural environment, its magical beaches and its romantic sunsets. Right by the beach of Gialova, which is sandy, organised and a perfect spot for wind and kite surfing, is the central pedestrian road of the settlement, where one can find anything one might need. The city also has a range of accommodations to suit any taste, a large shopping district and of course car and bike renting offices for the explorer; in short, everything needed for a perfect stay.