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A beautiful, picturesque village near Nafplio, which has many sights, though it is poorly tapped touristically.

A beautiful village retaining its traditional architecture, 8 kilometres east of Nafplio. It is built on five hills between two mountains, Mavrovouni and Agia Marina, on an altitude of 41 metres, right by the road from Nafplio to Tolo. Its 760 residents are mainly engaged in agriculture. The village has all the required facilities and infrastructure for a pleasant stay.

From the hill of Mavrovouni, recently planted with trees, the view to the Argolic Gulf is magical. In recent years, many houses have been bought and restored by foreign people, and more have been built, though always retaining the traditional style.

Right by the church of Ypapanti, excavations have brought an ancient Greek temple to light, dedicated to the god Apollo; the archaeological site has been left untapped, though. Worthy of notice is the village's older sewer system that was functional up to a few decades ago. It is a large clay pipe that channelled water from an old well and a tank, still surviving.

The village's noteworthy churches are the church of Ypapanti dedicated to the Christ, built in 1880, and one dedicated to Agios Ionannis, built in the 14th century. The latter celebrates every year with a large festival in the 28th and 29th of August, during which the small children of the village pass through a window of the church, which is an tradition of the village.

An older church, dedicated to Agia Sofia, is also noteworthy, and though ruined today, it is celebrated by the residents in July 19 with an evensong. Right by that church is a picturesque chapel dedicated to Agia Marina, worthy of a visit. Near the village is also a small church dedicated to Agios Thomas, which celebrates the first Sunday after Easter with a huge festival.

Right on the mountain of Agia Marina is a small cave with stalagmites and stalactites, still unexplored and untapped thought it could provide a significant upgrade to the touristic appeal of the area.