COUNTY: Laconia MUNICIPALITY: Monemvasia



1,000 - 2,000


Pharmacy, Gas Station,

Distance from nearest city



The village of Sykea has the first church ever built in Greece, Agios Nektarios. Also, it features a Mycenaean settlement and a festival in July.

The village of Sykea is built on an altitude of 160 metres, 9 kilometres away from Molaoi. It sits on a hill on the eastern side of the valley of Molaoi and Asopos. It has 1,000 residents, engaged in agriculture, and it produces great olive oil, citrus fruits and figs; it also has its own olive oil standardisation association. The village used to be called Eptapyrgio (seven towers) because of seven Venetian towers built arond the area, of which only three survive.

The village features the first church ever built in Greece, dedicated to Agios Nektarios, celebrating in the 8th and 9th of November, and the church holds the saint's relic. Another church in the village is dedicated to Agios Georgios, its courtyard equipped with battlements, and the village's central church is dedicated to Agios Dimitrios, built in 1880, preserved in excellent condition after being renovated twice.

Archaeological investigations unearthed a Mycenaean settlement, and findings of that investigation are displayed in the Archaeological Museum of Sparta. The area also has a wetland and a lake, both of great beauty.

During the last weekend of July, the people of Sykera celebrate the "Wine Festival", where the visitors can enjoy wine and snacks with live music.