COUNTY: Argolis MUNICIPALITY: Argos-Mycenae



0 - 100

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A beautiful picturesque mountainous village filled with incredible stone houses, near a chapel, a found and an abandoned chapel in a cave.

A mountainous settlement that used to be two separate ones. It is built on an altitude of 649 metres and has about 18 residents engaged in animal husbandry. It is 20 kilometres from Argos and 34 kilometres from Nafplio. The village is named after the German word "brust" which means "breast", and is registered in Venetian catalogues that date as back as 1465.

The village is incredibly picturesque, since it is possibly the only one of all of Argolida where all the houses are still made of stone. Many residents that hail from the village have restored their paternal homes, while retaining the traditional look, and also many outsiders, both Greek and from the rest of the world, have bought their own houses and restored them, keeping with the older style.

Interesting sights are the beautiful chapel of Agia Paraskevi, a fount from the times of the Turkish rule and a small, abandoned chapel inside a cave on a steep rock formation, dedicated to the Agia Rousali of Vrousti. The small chapel is taken care by the local association, that also built a road to there and resumed a local tradition, called the celebration of Ypapanti.